St Barthélemy, or better known as St Barth, is a small island in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Surrounded by other small islands, such as Antigua and Dominica, it is known for its elegance and exclusivity. Are you looking for luxury, style, amazing food and breath-taking beaches?  St Barth is the place to be. An island discovered by Columbus and named after his brother, an ocean full of beautiful creatures and a French air makes it the perfect getaway to feel at peace. Convinced? Make your personal choice and the PH3 crew will take you to the best hotspots in St-barth.

Sophisticated dinner hotspots in St-Barth,

Restaurant Bonito, Gustavia

hotspots in St-BarthIf you are looking for sophisticated dinner hotspots in St-Barth where every aspect suits the feeling of the restaurant, Bonito is a good choice. It has a remarkable location which therefore offers an amazing view over a small harbour. For a full experience you should wait for the Caribbean sunset, the restaurant guarantees its guest stunning views. Enjoy this fabulous view first with a homemade cocktail. You should taste Sexy Berry cocktail or a Lychee Loves Coco cocktail. After this, enjoy a dinner led by Executive Chef Laurent Cantineaux and Chef de Cuisine Ronan Mahe. Taste the South American kitchen and experience the French gastronomy: together they form the ‘Bonito Spirit’. Something you would not want to miss.

Rue Lubin Brin,
97133 Gustavia

Culinary getaway that are sure to tantalize the senses.

Eden Rock Hotel, Baie de Saint Jean

hotspots in St-Barth

hotspots in St-Barthcredits © Laurent Benoit

One of the most beautiful places on the island is the Eden Rock Hotel, located at the white sands of St Jean Bay. Enjoy the wonderful beach club for a day or relax in the Eden Rock Spa and Wellness and get some exercise in Eden Rock Fitness to create an ultimate wellbeing feeling to feel and look the best you can. To end your day spectacularly, you can dine at restaurant On The Rocks. The hotel has become a legend for its extraordinary dining experience in both the Sand Bar and the restaurant. Led by world famous Master Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten you can expect exotic plates with a touch of magic.

Baie de Saint Jean,
Saint Barthélemy 97133



Enjoy the top mountain view at restaurant Santa fe, Morne Lurin

hotspots in St-BarthWhile this restaurant recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, the owner David is keen on maintaining the authenticity and professionality the restaurant is known for. Santa Fe is perfect for a lovely lunch or dinner and most guests come back just to feel the welcoming atmosphere and taste the great food one more time. To complete your evening, ask for a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the mountain top view. We promise you, you will not be let down.

Morne Lurin 

Looking for pure romance?

La case de L’isle, Baie des Flamands.

hotspots in St-Barth

hotspots in St-BarthAre you looking for pure romance? This restaurant gives you that butterfly feeling with a touch of l’amour. The menu is based on local products and La Case de L’isle offers a selection of over 150 different types of French champagnes and wines. These compliment the light meals harmoniously and contributes to the elegant and colourful surroundings. Enthusiastic? After a day of sailing on the PH3 you can end your day in the most romantic way.Looking for pure romance? La case de L’isle, Baie des Flamands.

Baie des Flamands
97133, Saint-Barthélemy

You can’t miss this hotspot in St-Barth for lunch!

Sand bar (eden Rock)

hotspots in St-Barth
credits © Laurent Benoit

The sand bar, part of the Eden Rock Hotel, is worth mentioning one more time. At the bar you can have lunch with a beach view. From tasty salads and sushi to freshly served fish, your mouth will start watering the minute you walk in. After a lunch at this bar, you will have the energy to sail the night away with PH3. But don’t go too far, there are still so many things to discover!

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