Right in the heart of ‘Santa Catalina’, a trending area of Palma the Mallorca, You can find the fushion restaurant KOH. This restaurant serves tasty thai and asian food with a menu that changes regularly. The menu is inspired by the products of the indoor market Santa Catalina, just a few steps away from the restaurant. Abel Denhard and Mika Drouin run the kitchen. They create well-balanced and extremely attractive dishes with Asian influences and ingredients that will surprise you. There is also a beautiful patio surrounded by an in-house herb garden.

Tamakao is a modern spanish restaurant located in the center of Palma. In a good atmosphere with jazz, samba and other brazilian music, you can enjoy a simple but very good meal. Tasting brazilian fusion cuisine, with exquisite sushi temaki.

If you like peruvian food than definitely go to Sumaq! There you will find the taste of peru. The food is authentic and expertly presented.

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