The Western Med is a great area for holidaymakers with a sense of luxury and style. Sailing yacht PH3 will be cruising here in the summer of 2016. One of our favorite places to be is St Tropez; a beautiful harbor town and actually the most famous resort in Europe attracting the artistic and dissolute long before Brigitte Bardot’s time. The great, the rich and A-listers still tack in by the yachtful (us ;-), meeting for villa soirées, in Le Club 55 on Pampelonne beach or at the Byblos hotel’s Les Caves du Roy nightclub. The wooded, rocky St Tropez peninsula is spectacular, the views across the sea to the Maures mountains are outstanding.  We like to share a few of our favorite places in St Tropez. If you are cruising on sailing yacht PH3 we know where to take you!

Coasted Walk in St-Tropez

In the summer to St Tropez?

PH3 crew trying out the coastal walk in St Tropez. It’s worth your while.

A splendid day activity on shore is the seven-mile walk round the headlands to the Pampelonne beaches. The track – called “le Sentier du Littoral” (7) – is quite wild in places, but well maintained and clearly signposted. At reasonable walking speed, it will take about three and a half hours, depending how far along Pampelonne beach you want to end up. En route, you’ll have stirring scenery, interesting coastal flora and the maritime cemetery where the film director Roger Vadim now rests. Brigitte Bardot’s modest place is also nearby, as are charming little beaches such as Plage Graniers, Plage des Canebiers, Plage de la Moutte and Plage des Salins, where the likes of Bruce Willis and Naomi Campbell will never make an appearance. Several guests of PH3 have already done this walk and it was a true adventure. If you like to be picked up half way, no problem. With the Tender our captain will be there in no time. So we will equip you with a bottle of water, some healthy snacks and sweets and a mobile phone so you can set off from La Ponche – once the fishermen’s quarter. The tight scrum of old buildings and the views make it St Tropez’s loveliest, most atmospheric mini-district.


Our secret hotspot in St Tropez: Salama

In the summer to St Tropez?

Having dinner at this amazing restaurant is a great night out. The place is a former 18th century abbey and located in a narrow alley just a 5 minutes walk from the harbor . Nowadays it’s a beautifully styled restaurant where you can enjoy Moroccan cuisine. Traditional tajines, couscous and pastries are prepared just as they should be by a meticulous chef who imports all his spices from Morocco.

1 Rue des Tisserands,
83990 Saint-Tropez

Nostalgia pur sang: Auberge la Mole

In the summer to St Tropez?

In a tiny village surrounded by vineyards, called La Mole, you can find the nostalgic traditional top restaurant Auberge La Mole. It’s approximately half an hour drive from St Tropez but it’s definitely worth it! This restaurant is a renovated gas station and function nowadays as one of the very best traditional French cuisine in the south of French. You can sit at the terrace or inside. The plates are served with an outstanding serves and the meals are prepared with locally produced fresh food. From four homemade pathés, crusty(roasted) bread, followed by an enormous cheese platter. To make this evening complete please try the famous apple pie with vanilla cream which is really great and if you addicted to chocolate then you must eat the ridiculous sized bowl Mousse au chocolat.

Place de l’Église
83310 La Mole, France 

Clubbing in St Tropez: VIP Room

In the summer to St Tropez?

Feel like going out tonight? Try this legendary club the VIP Room. It starts the night as a restaurant with Med cuisine and mood music. Then it gives way to club-life with bopping amid walls of light. The surroundings are whiter, a little less delirious than in Les Caves du Roy (also a famous nightclub to consider going to!) – but the atmosphere is just as electric, the prices as high and the style as decadently sophisticated. Non-regulars have a dickens of a job getting into what Karl Lagerfeld has apparently called “the best club in the world”. Opening times: Nightly, 8pm-6am in summer

Wellness experience in Hotel de Paris

In the summer to St Tropez?
image by

Hotel de paris is your invitation for an trendy refinement luxury experience. This 5-stars design hotel is located in the area of La Maison des Papillons and Place des Lices and is just 10 minutes away from all the famous beaches and sights. The rooms are urban chic, colourful decorated and has a mix of classic and contemporary design. Inspired by the swinging sixties and seventies. Once it was one of the first hotels for the glamorous moviestars, started with Brigitte Bardot. Are you feeling stressed? Go to the full-service in-house spa by Clarins. The perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy of massages, steam room, body treatment, facials and nail bar. All areas have been equipped with the latest high-tech systems. Everything to give you a luxury ambiance. The perfect fit for our luxury cruising globeglotter.

Drinks anyone? Café de Paris

Café de paris is the perfect place to have a coffee or lunch in St Tropez watching the people stroll by and the boats coming in and out of the harbour. At night we like to sit inside and order a huge platter of sushi and drink bubbles while listening to a dj that mixen old school soul &. Disco with contemporary hits. And yes they allow you to be wild and have a great party with your (new) friends! Just don’t take them on board PH3 😉

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